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It is with great excitement that we share today Dubsmash has been acquired by Reddit.

In the long arc of Dubsmash’s journey, this is an important milestone and pivotal moment. By joining forces with Reddit, we expand our ability to serve the creators that represent the lifeblood of Dubsmash, helping them connect, share, and deepen their impact on culture. We are excited to accelerate Reddit’s focus on video, bringing our tools and technology to their passionate, rapidly-growing user base and sparking evermore forms of creation.

Perhaps most importantly, it is the coming together of two organizations who share a deep and unconventional commitment to 1) a broad breadth of creators, far beyond what is typically represented, and 2) a focus on creation over consumption. It has always been our belief that these two factors fuel creativity and we are excited to join a team that has embodied these ideas since day one. …



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